Sunday, January 29, 2012

How Life Can Change By Not Drinking Alcohol

Many alcoholics wonder how life can change by not drinking alcohol and I am here to tell you it is one remarkable journey.  To finally find sobriety in ones life is something many alcoholics don't think will ever happen.  Sobriety will certainly change your life and all those around you that love and care for you.

I can't stress it enough in my blogs and other sites I write on that sobriety is there for all those that want it, and anyone of us can achieve sobriety if you put your minds and hearts into it 110 percent.

So many of us live, breathe, and sleep with our addiction in first place in our life.  If only these people that have an addiction would realize that life is so much better living it sober.  You don't realize what you are missing out on in life by putting your addiction first before all else, and that includes the ones that put their addiction before their own families and friends.

Any of us can change our lives into a positive way if we would only look deep into what you are doing to yourself and others.  You just don't realize how grand life is because your addiction holds you back from seeking out and exploring what the world has to offer in a sober way.  I can tell you from my own experience with drinking alcohol, that surrendering to my addiction to alcohol has change the world I now live in.

Those that stand up to their addiction and what to change their life will then see what true happiness is living life sober.  I have accomplished many things since I have surrender to alcohol, such my life long dream to live where I grew up as a child and that is a home by the sea.  I would have never been able to fulfill that dream if I were still drinking alcohol.  My wife and family can now enjoy me as me and not the make believe person I was while I was drinking alcohol.

You wake up in the morning feeling healthy, refreshed, with no hangover and ready to enjoy your day all being sober and happy.  There is nothing you would be thinking of when you awake, wondering did I say or do anything last night that would have hurt someone else while I was drinking and acting like a fool?

You will enjoy each minute of each day being sober and look forward to the next. You will think and plan with your family what should you do next to have fun and enjoy each other, while if drunk you really wouldn't care now would you? I know I didn't.  I just wanted to drink and that was my day between drinking and hitting the toilet.  What a waste isn't it when you really think about it?  Don't get me wrong I am not a anti drinking guy because I loved to drink.  It's just that the drink didn't love me and wanted to destroy me and everything I had in my life.  If you can drink alcohol responsibly and not abuse it, than God Bless You.

There are millions of alcoholics in the world, including myself, that are not that fortunate enough to have a few drinks and walk away.  So, if you are one of those like myself, the answer is to stop drinking alcohol all together.  That is exactly what I did and I could not be happier.

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