Monday, December 10, 2012

How To Get Ready To Walk The Road To Recovery

Here is my version of "how to get ready to walk the road to recovery."

First and foremost, you must want to change your life and start to live a life of sobriety.  Until you have admitted you have an addiction to alcohol, and need help, your road to recovery is not in the cards just yet.

You have to really want to live life clean and sober, and I don't mean for a week or month, I mean Long Term Sobriety. Forever without another drink of alcohol.  Do you think you can handle that, or do you think you will cheat while sober and just have a drink or two every now and then?

If you are sober now that is wonderful, but as the Holiday's are approaching us the alcoholic that has sobered up has that temptation and the urge to drink.  I know for myself it is a touch road when these Holiday's come around each year.

You see some many people drinking alcohol and just having a grand ole time while you sit there sober and drinking your soda or coffee.  The parties are everywhere around Christmas time, and then New Years Eve comes and the booze really is flowing at many New Years parties.

How can you stop the urge to drink alcohol during these times of big parties?

  1. Remember just how hard you worked to get on the road to recovery.
  2. Remember how you felt each morning after a heavy night of drinking.
  3. Remember how you acted when you drank too much alcohol and made a fool of yourself.
  4. Remember what you almost loss when you were addicted to alcohol.
  5. Remember how much money you have saved from stopping drinking.
  6. Remember the arguments and fights you had with your spouse or friend because of your drinking.
  7. Remember those days you got behind the wheel being so drunk because you just didn't care.
  8. Remember being pulled over and given a DUI.
  9. Remember the horrible things you said to someone that meant so much to you.
  10. Remember the buzz you had was only temporary, until the next time you drank.  It is nothing but a vicious cycle, day after day.
It will take lots of work to get on that road to recovery, but once there, and you stay on that road, life will be so much better for you and those that love and care for you, such as your families and friends.  


  1. I took a good hard look at my life as it was at that moment.
  2. I looked around at those that loved and cared for me and wondered if drinking alcohol was worth losing all of this love and respect they have for me.
  3. I had to get out of the mood of being negative and change that to Positive Attitude.
  4. I looked at what I was depriving my family from my addiction to alcohol.
  5. Preparing yourself for the road to recovery takes thought and the willpower to stop drinking alcohol.
  6. You must have the willpower, determination and the strength to say NO MORE to the demons that have run and ruined your life, and when you see what they have done to you and what they are going to do to you in the future, you may what to think long and hard to stop drinking and get on that new road to recovery.
**Here is a great website by a friend of mine that will help you sober up and have long term sobriety back into your life.  He has great Pod Casts, and so much information on stopping drinking alcohol and turning your life around, as I have, and he has as well.  It is called Living Sober Sucks, (but living drunk sucks more).  Check it out for it will help you get on that road to recovery.

**As for myself, I wrote this eBook a couple years ago regarding how I started drinking and and my life of alcohol addiction.

So if you want a new life and get out of the addicted life of alcohol then here is what you should think about doing:
* Think positive, and continue to tell yourself that you can and will find long term sobriety.
* Have the strong desire and the willingness to change your life once and for all.
* Don't let anything or anyone steer you off the road of recovery no matter what.

God Bless all those that have an addiction to alcohol and want to change their life around.  Keep telling yourself that you can do it, and before you know it you will be on that road to recovery.  Stay strong, believe in yourself, and keep that positive attitude in everything you do in life.