Tuesday, December 11, 2012

How To Avoid The Temptation To Drink During The Holidays

The Holidays are coming up soon and there will be many of parties and get together s throughout Christmas and the New Years.

The problem for many people that have an addiction to alcohol is "how to avoid the temptation to drink during the Holidays."

The biggest problem for many with an addiction to alcohol is when they stop drinking just before the Holidays are coming, like I did over 3 years ago.  I stopped drinking on October 27, 2009 when Thanksgiving and Christmas were near by.  It was a tough time for me, but I was determined to stay sober no matter what the Holiday was and who I was with during those Holidays.

Once you make up your mind to stop drinking you have to stick with it no matter what happens in your life and no matter what the day of the year is.

If you have surrender to your demons, don't ever give in to them ever again, because if you happen to do so you will be back in the same boat as you were before, and that is drinking and abusing alcohol.  Believe me it will not be pleasant knowing that you gave into your demons the morning after.


  • Continue to think of how hard you worked to get and stay sober.  
  • Continue to keep that Positive Attitude every second of the day.
  • Remember how you felt when you drank alcohol and all the mornings hungover.
  • Look at your spouse and family and think how disappointed and hurt they would be if you drank.
  • Look at yourself and how disappointed you would be of your own self if you drank alcohol.
  • Drink your soda or coffee and mingle with all those at the party just as if you were drinking right along with them.
  • If they ask you why you are not drinking, be proud and say, "I stopped drinking and never will drink again."
If you want to stop drinking alcohol and live a clean and sober life, then CLICK HERE to read just how you can do it and live the rest of your life with sobriety.
So when you are out at your Holiday parties don't be embarrassed that you are not drinking and carrying on with the others.  Be proud that you have the strength to say no and that you don't need alcohol to have a great time.

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