Thursday, January 5, 2012

How A Positve Attitude Helps With Getting Sober

Have you any idea how a positive attitude helps with getting sober?  For many people that are suffering from an addiction to alcohol sobriety and getting sober is the last thing on their mind.  Why, you may ask?  When an alcoholic has been drinking for so many years they forget just how sobriety and being clean and sober feels.

They have a hard time with excepting that they may have an addiction problem, and don't what to admit that they are living in denial and think nothing of drinking and partying, just like it is the way of life for everyone.  Well everyone in our society and in our world drink and abuse alcohol to the point of getting addicted to it.

When I finally said, "enough is enough" and surrendered to my addiction to alcohol is when I realized that a positive attitude has had a huge impact on my sobriety and has helped me to get sober and using that positive attitude continues to keep me sober as well.

Can you imagine walking around with that chip on your shoulder and thinking nothing but negative thoughts, saying why me?  How in the world can anyone get sober thinking negative and telling them self that they will never be able to kick their addiction and get clean and sober. Thinking is this manner no one will ever get sober.

Just think about it.  Negative thoughts give negative results and positive thoughts give positive results.  Sound right to me, how about you?

I can certainly say from my experience with drinking alcohol, and then getting sober, that my positive attitude helped me to get sober, and without thinking this way I would still be stuck in my little world of my own addiction and self destruction.  Our minds, and we all have one I might add, can and will do anything you tell it to.  If you want to live in a world of addiction and telling yourself you will never get sober than that is exactly what your life will be.

Now, lets turn the coin and say you are thinking nothing but positive thoughts and thinking with that positive attitude telling yourself that you can and will get and stay sober no matter what it takes to achieve your sobriety.  Which of the two attitudes do you think will work the best for you?  I have my answer, how about you, do you have your answer?  I think the answer is a no brainier in my opinion.