Saturday, January 21, 2012

Overcoming The Fear Of Getting Sober

Have you ever thought to yourself how sobriety and living a clean life could change your life?  Are you afraid of getting sober? Have you ever thought to yourself by overcoming the fear of getting sober would change your life in so many ways?

I am here to tell you, that there is nothing to be afraid of when you want to get sober and live a life of sobriety.  I too was scared to death when I decided to get sober and I have to say the fear almost stopped me from even trying to get clean and sober.

Many people in our world have had many fears and things that they are truly afraid of trying, but if you are afraid of change, or simply trying to change, you will be stuck in the rut that you are presently in.  Being addicted to alcohol for so years seems like it is a huge part of my and your life and we are afraid to let it go and live life without our crutch.

Any of us can overcome anything in life including the fear of getting sober if we set our minds to it and have that pure determination to make a change.  Never be afraid of sobriety, but be afraid of what your addiction is and will do to you and your family.  That's the thing you must be afraid of my friends, your addiction!

Set you mindset and get the strength you need to overcome your addiction and get sober. If you have it in your heart to get sober than you will achieve it.  This holds true for anything in life as well.

Believe in yourself and be not afraid of getting sober for it will be the best thing you have ever done in your life, and when you have achieved your sobriety, you will thank yourself for standing strong to your demons and not letting them take over and run your life anymore.