Saturday, January 23, 2010

How I Did Self Hypnosis To Quit Drinking

I am not a Doctor, nor a therapist by any means, although what I have accomplished over the last three month is remarkable.  I used to drink every day, beer only not the hard stuff for many years.  I have written other posts regarding some on my stories and what I did to conquer those nasty demons that were controlling my body and my mind.

When I first decided to go cold turkey with the alcohol, I thought to myself this is going to be a long journey ahead of me.  I first started by telling myself, what are the pros and cons to my addiction. I really did not have to think to long seemed that all the bad things were out weighing the good right away. I was miserable, not happy, kinda hated myself in a way because I knew I was doing something to harm myself and also my family and friends, but when the drinking started I forgot about those things. I was indeed in denial.

I had to some how get my head together when being sober, to plan my escape from the demons.  I said this can only be mind over matter, I can conquer this with no problem.  When I said that to myself it was hard,
because I figured it might be a problem. I was affraid of the side affects that might go along with the cold turkey.  I keep so busy with my mind and body that it was hard for the urge to kick in.  I also ate dinner right after work instead of 10 or 11 at night after my drinking was done.  Eating made me so full that I did not even want to drink the beer and blow me up even more. So I was full with some good food instead of alcohol.

Then when getting ready for work I would look in the mirror and what I saw  was horrible. I was always skinny but I looked, as you would say, pregnant.  I knew by giving up the alcohol that the stomach would go down quick, and it did. I had to say to myself that if I can only get the first day under my belt it will be a challenge to get to the second , third and so on. It was like a game to me, saying who will win?  So as the days went by and the stomach going down it gave me more willpower to keep it up.  I felt great about myself and what I saw was looking better and better as the days went on. I thought, man this positive attitude I started with is really working. Every day that went by it seems to have been easier and easier to cope this huge change in my life. You really have to want to stop the drinking, and no matter who tells you to quit it isn't  going to work unless you really what to change your life on your own..I know because I was told a thousand times, but I was not ready for the change.  As you know, the saying sometimes is, you just about have to hit rock bottom for the lights to turn on. They sure did for me and I so happy they did. I still have alcohol in the house and it will stay there, and I will still go to parties and functions and just have my coffee and water. I want to keep showing the demons that I am far better and smarter then they will ever be.

The demons can chase me all they want, but their not going to catch me nor get back into my body ever again. When I say, this is like a game, what I mean is, every one in the world whats to win always and never lose anything. So, when I said  How I Did Self Hypnosis to Quit Drinking, it was some of the things I mentioned starting with a positive attitude that you can and will conquer the addiction that has taken over your body. Believe me  to win that war with the demons and to start a new and Clean Life is more rewarding than you can ever know.

I am so thankful to God that I had no side affects at all, something that I was worried about the most, and why, I think that the positive attitude had a lot to do with it from the start. Your brain is a great thing and with a clear mind you can control whats happening inside.  It stores habits, but you can erase those habits with your mind, just think positive and it will happen, it did for me.

My future... "DESTINY LIFE"