Saturday, February 20, 2010

Sobriety-How Your Life Can Change With One Single Step

Living with a Alcohol Addiction is a serious problem.  Some of us can occassionaly have a drink or so at a party or some sort of function without any problem.  We can have our fun for the day and leave the bottle alone for some time.  Then there are some people that once they start drinking they can't stop until the party is over or they run out of their supply. 

I know, because I was one of the people that could not stop.  I didn't think anything of it, I was just having fun like everyone else, so I thought.  I was getting more wasted on each drink but, I thought I was fine.  People would say, haven't you had enough?  I laughed and said yeah, right.

The more they harped on it the more I wanted to drink.  This went on for years with no end in site.  I got to the point in my life that I didn't even want to go anywhere unless there was alcohol at the function.  If not, I would bring my own and keep it in the car.

I was embarrassed about my addiction but did not have the courage or the willpower to call it quits. I knew I was doing wrong and that I was destroying myself, and my family too.  But, when thinking about that, it still wasn't enough to surrender to my addiction.

As I got older and wiser I made a point and a promise that I would NEVER drink and drive, and I stuck to it.  Just becuase I was ruining my life I certainly didn't want to ruin a perfect strangers life and their famlies due to an accident caused by me.

I sat down one day, and started to think of what my life will be in the future continued living the life I led.  I added up some of the pros and cons, and believe me the pros out weighed the cons by far.  So, the math doesn't lie, I had to start thinking of what I was going to do next.

First, I had to prepare myself, and start a game plan on this huge change in my life I was about to start.  All my life I aways had big Dreams of what I wanted out of the short life we all live.  But, with the life I lead now it would never happen because I had other things on my mind, like the Alcohol.  That always seemed to come first and when I really thought about it, sometimes before my own family and friends.  I said that this is really sad that I would even think this way.

I'm a sick minded person I said to myself.  But that will change real soon.  I knew I couldn't just slow down like some say to do.  I wasn't that type of person.  I would have to just go Cold Turkey and live with the consequences,  I was worried about the DT's and how I would feel after giving up the drink.

I thought, I accuired this addiction on my own because of no self dicipline, no strength or willpower, so now I have to stand up to my wrong doing and fight the demons within me.

This will happen with one Single Step.  It is the step to Sobriety.  You have to take that first step in order to keep walking away from your addiction.  As they say "Baby Steps".  It will all fall into place if you just have the willpower and keep a Positive Attitude that you can and will conquer this addiction.

It will be a lot harder to give up the drink than it was to start the drink.  Once you have made your mind up, and you have admitted to your addiction, and also realize and accept that you will never be able to pick up a drink again, is when your recovery will start.  Your lives will begin to take shape again, and you will have the feeling of accomplishment and pride that you beat your addiction.

To me, it has been wonderful!  Everyday and everything seems so clear now, and the only thing I wished I could change is that I should of done this years ago.  But, it's never too late to make your change.  With all your hard work, dicipline, and willingness to start a fresh life, you will get to where you want, and that is Sobriety.

Take that Single Step, and keep heading for that light ahead of you, and with your determination you will catch up to the light and will see a  new and brighter life that has been waiting for your arrival.

God Bless To All!