Sunday, April 4, 2010

Crucifixion To Resurrection Of An Alcoholic-My Easter Story 2010

People like myself, who have been drinking alcohol for the good part of our lives have many stories that we can tell of our experiences, being good or bad.

I, myself can say that I have had many good experiences when I was young, such as going on boat trips with my dad and friends.  But, that was just partying with the guys.  I was too young then to even know what the future would bring due to the early years of partying with alcohol.

I never knew what this alcohol could do.  I continued to drink everyday leading myself to an unfortunate addiction to the booze.  If I were to know the consequences in my future I would have thought twice before the partying began.

No one knows what our future will bring, only time will tell.  My time ran out due to being addicted so bad that at times I would only think of the drink and nothing else, even my own family would not matter.

It didn't matter what anyone would say about my drinking, I just didn't care.

I never knew that I was heading down to Rock Bottom, or should I say The Crucifixion of my life.  I was self-destructing myself and could not see it until one day, and that day turned my life around forever.

My wife made a statement to me one day that really hit home and made me take a hard look at the life I now lead.

I immediately started to think of how I am going to make this huge change in my life to the better.

The alcohol has ruined my life and held me back on many things I have wanted to do through my life.

With this change I was about to do, I will be able to now focus on My Resurrection of my life, or should I say to be born again with a new Clean and Sober Life.

When I made my mind up to make this change, I started off with the most important thing, which was a Positive Attitude.  In doing so, this attitude gave me the Willingness and the Strength to be able to take my final ride down Recovery Road.