Saturday, December 6, 2014

How Families Suffer With An Alcoholic In The Family

No one really knows how families suffer with an alcoholic in the family, unless you have been there yourself.

As many of you know from my past post and my writing on various other sites, I was and still am an alcoholic.  The name of alcoholic will be with me till the end of time, but you know what, I am good with that.

October of this year, 2014 I have been clean and sober with not. a drop to drink.  Since my sobriety I now realize what I had put my family through while I was drinking and abusing alcohol.  I feel horrible now, but I made good for all the years I was addicted to the poison that almost ruined my life and my marriage.

I can not stress enough with my post and articles I write, that alcohol ruins and kills.  It may take some time, but it will happen sooner or later, sad to say.

Granted, I loved to drink alcohol and loved the feeling that alcohol gave me, but as many years went by I began to realize that this addiction to alcohol I have is getting me nowhere except on a downward spin into hell.

If you or someone you know are addicted to alcohol, sit back and look around you and see how your addiction is making your family suffer.  You have the addiction, but your family and dear friends are suffering right along with you, and in fact, possibly suffering more than you even will know. The are crying inside to try and figure out what to say to you to make you realize that you are killing yourself, slow but sure.

The families want to help, but so many times the alcoholic refuses to listen, nit even one bit.  The family members are wrong, and the alcoholic lives in denial. This is what I felt and thought all through the years of abusing alcohol.

Please try and and help yourself start a new life, and a new life for those that love and care so much about you.

Look into your future and see where your life will be if you continue to drink and abuse alcohol as you are right now.  I can guarantee your future will look very bad.  So, in that case, do something about your life and make that change by stopping drinking, and I will promise, your life and those lives around you will look brighter and brighter each day you are sober.