Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Are You Going Crazy Without Alcohol In Your Life?

This is a question for those that have had an addiction to alcohol and have then found sobriety. "Are you going crazy without alcohol in your life?"

I know as far as my life with my own addiction to alcohol, it was indeed very hard to make that decision to stop drinking alcohol forever.

When you have had alcohol in your life for so many years and it become a huge part of your life it is so hard to just say goodbye, I have had enough of this torture

I have to admit in the beginning of my journey to living a life of sobriety it was hard and I was truly going crazy, because I didn't know what to do with myself.  I was so used to having a beer in my hands and now I have nothing by maybe a coffee or water.  Those two things gave me no buzz as you might know.  I longed to get that buzz I was so used to, but I knew if I broke and took that one drink of alcohol I would be right back to where I was drinking and abusing alcohol each and everyday.

I can relate to all those that are going through this torture.  As time passed by it did get easier having no alcohol in my hands and I started to think of things that would keep my mind off the alcohol and the buzz I loved to have.

Here is what I think about when those urges and cravings come about to have a drink of alcohol:

  • I think of all the bad things I said and did while being drunk.
  • I think of how I felt each morning I woke up after drinking all night.
  • I think what I put my family through each and everyday I drank.
  • I think of all the money I spent on something that was killing me slowly.
  • I think of my physical appearance and how it declined each day that passed.
I could go on and on about the negative things alcohol brings upon a person, but I am sure you know what it does not only to the alcoholic, but the ones that love and care for the alcoholic, such as your spouse, children, parents and close and dear friends.

Once you and I have gotten sober it is then our job to stay sober no matter what life throws out way. We can not break and turn to the bottle just because something didn't go right or a problem has come up.

Whatever the case may be we all can handle it without alcohol, because as you all know alcohol fixes nothing, in fact it only makes things much much worse than they really are.  So, get and stay sober no mater what happens in your life.

There will always be times that you are going crazy without alcohol in your life, but you will survive and that craving will pass as long as you don't give in to the demons that are knocking at your door to get back into your life.