Friday, January 30, 2015

Are You Proud Of Your Sobriety Date?

For anyone that has been addicted to drugs or alcohol for a good part of their lives, sobriety seems like it would never be in their future, but I am here to tell you, anyone can get and stay sober if you want to change your life as I did over 5 years ago.

When the person with an addiction decides they want out of this horrible addiction they have the question comes to mind, "will I be able to live a life without alcohol or drugs?"
That was the very question I asked myself 5 years ago when I stopped drinking alcohol. It sure was hard. When a person has had drugs or alcohol in their life for so long and depend on it throughout their everyday life, it is very hard to just say goodbye, in fact it is a scary thought.  At least it was for me.

The happiest and most scariest day for me was the day I decided to surrender to the demons that have ran my life and other lives for so long.  I finally got out of the denial I lived in for so long thinking, "I don't have an addiction and anyone that thinks I do are totally nuts."  I just like my alcohol.  Dead wrong statement for sure! I was addicted, and like I said, when I finally admitted it I was on my way to recovery and a sober life.

For all the alcoholics and drug addicts out there that have got sober the question is, "Are you proud of your sobriety date?"  I know I am and can't wait till that date comes around each year.

October 27th 2009 is my sobriety date.  The time flew by and I still can not believe I have been clean and sober for 5 + years. granted in the beginning it was a tough ride wondering to myself, "will I be able to do this life change?"

I stayed positive and kept telling myself.  "I will not let my demons run or ruin my life for one more second."

Be proud of your sobriety date as I am.  Brag to all that told you that you were an alcoholic or drug addict.  Show them it is possible for anyone with an addiction to change their life around.

Now 5 years later I write each and every night on many different websites trying to get the word out to people that are struggling with an addiction, that there is always hope for all involved.  So make up your mind to change your life and just do it.  You will be surprised of just how strong you really are, when in fact you thought you were doomed for life with your addiction.