Saturday, January 9, 2010


This is me in the garage having a cold one. It makes me sick to even look at myself holding that beer because as you know if you read the other posts I wrote, you would know why. The start for me was a long time ago, somewhere around 19 years old or so when I was served a summons for a paternity suit.  It was thrown out of court and that was great for me.  I won that battle but, I loss the battle with the alcohol addiction I acquire from the years of lawyers and court dates.  So now I was addicted to alcohol and enjoyed it.  I quit once for 3 years and then again for 2 years. For some reason or another I did not have the will power to continue to be sober.  As years went by and I got older and wiser I thought to myself, this is really out of hand now, and I'm hooked on this big time, worse than the past years. So I said ,what I'm going to do now about this addiction? After a lot of thought and preparing myself for a war with my demons I decided, I would have to go cold turkey with this problem.  So I did about 75 days ago and believe it or not I have not thought about a drink since, and never will again!  I never really relaxed when I drank because as everyone knows that the drink gives you energy. at least it did for me. So I was always on the go doing one thing or another, until I was done drinking for the night and than I crashed.  Today, being sober all the time I feel great, and I relax every night like I never relaxed before. I'm up till one or two in the morning and not passing out at ten or eleven at night.

So, that was the start and now I am on the finish line of the Sober Lane  I wake up every morning feeling great and proud of myself for what I am doing, not only for me, but my family and my friends.  I only wish I would of done this the first time I went sober, but that is in the past and now.  I am only concerned now for the future. So far, everything is on the up for me and I see great things in the future. I learned that I  am the only one that can control my mind and that if you put your mind to something, like getting sober, you can indeed conquer it as long as you have the will power and a clear mind to think straight. Also, stay strong always to yourself and you can beat the demons within.