Tuesday, January 19, 2010


All my life I aways had big dreams.  To own a huge house over looking the water with a dock and a nice boat.Or, over looking the beautiful ocean and the smell of salt air and the warm breeze blowing through my hair.
My parents always told me I had rich taste. I guess I got that from my mothers side of the family, because her relatives owned a castle in England, with servants and maids.  That is were I get the rich taste, I guess.

So, my story is that in the last almost 3 months I have been sober, and with the sobriety I can now think straight and have my head together to try and live these big dreams that I could not get before sobriety.  I am on a path to achieve these high goals I have.  First, by going to school to get my realtor licience , and sell some great properties in the shore area and get those big commissions too. Not a over night job, but it is possible in the near future. My father and uncle sold home and did very well.  I know the business of homes only because I have built a few of them with my father in-law from start to finish, including concrete, framing and everything that goes with house building.  So, I have that part  conquered  and I know what to look for in finding a great home for a buyer.

Second, is to retire from the job I have now, which is a Manager for a large Cemetery and Crematory in New Jersey.  I have been working in that field for about 24 years and before that I worked at a hospital for 10 years..In my opinion that is about enough of that kind of work for me. I have seen it all and have done it all, and don't want to see it or do it anymore.  It's time for my big dream to come true!  People say how in the world can you do that kind of work. I tell them first, you have to be caring and kind to the people you serve because they come into the office grieving of their loss and it is my job to try the best I can to comfort them. I must say I am great at that and I will be great in the selling of homes. I have a lot of confidence in myself now being sober and also a clear mind to get those big dreams and make them a reality.