Friday, October 21, 2011

How And When Should We Take Action Of Our Addiction

When someone is addicted to drugs or alcohol they seem to forget the true meaning of their life and let their addiction take their life over.  The question is how and when should we take action of our addiction before it is too late?

The thing is, if we continue on this path of self destruction how long do you think we would be alive, and how many years of our lives do you think would be cut short because of our actions and lifestyle?  We are not going to live forever as we all know, but why in the world do we continue to kill ourselves with an avoidable addiction?

Everyone knows what these addictions can and will do to us, but no one knows exactly when.  It could be that our health fails.  It could be that we were involved in a automobile accident that may have disabled us forever or possibly kill us or an innocent person or persons.

When should we take action on these addictions we have before it is too late?  What has to happen to us before we realize we are doing wrong by abusing our bad habits, whether it be drinking alcohol or using drugs? 

In my personal experience with drinking alcohol, and drinking it for many years, I have learned that my life was going no where fast.  Everything I wanted to do, or a dream I might of had always seemed to peter out because I would stumble upon a road block in my quest of doing something and just simply gave up. 

I had no self-esteem and no positive attitude in my life while being addicted to alcohol.  I thought, as probably many alcoholics do that everyone in the world is wrong and the alcoholic is right, meaning, we the alcoholic thinks we are doing no wrong and we do not have an addiction to alcohol.  We live in denial each and everyday, but really have no idea that we are.  I called it , "blinded by my addiction."

How to take action is very simple and how I did it was to simply make up my mind and told myself, "enough is enough" it is time to surrender to my addiction to alcohol and start to live a clean and sober life again.I changed my attitude and my outlook on life and told myself, " my life is worth far more to me than an avoidable and foolish addiction.  My life is precious and I only have one of them so I better make the best of the time I have left here on earth."

When is the time to take action depends on each person, and just how depended they are on their drug of choice.  If you think you have a problem with alcohol or drugs then I would recommend sitting down and take a good look at your life, what you are doing to your one and only body and what effects you are having on your \families lives as well.  Just maybe if you care about our self and your family you will begin to see the light that being addicted to anything has no positive results whatsoever.

Without taking action in anything in life you will remain stuck where you are for the rest of your life and never be able to enjoy what life has to offer, (seeing it with sober eyes.)

  1. Think positive.
  2. Stay focused on getting sober and staying sober.
  3. Believe in yourself and God.
  4. Never let anything or anybody get in your way to becoming sober.
  5. Steer clear of your alcoholic friends to avoid temptation to drink or use.
  6. Ask for the HELP you need to start you on your road to recovery.
  7. Don't be embarrassed or a shamed of your addiction and tell everyone you are surrendering to it.
  8. Keep yourself busy so that you have no time to think about your past addiction.
  9. Eat well and healthy foods.
  10. Drink lots of water and drinks that are healthy which will help in flushing those toxins out of your system.
These are just a few things I did when I decided to get clean and sober and maybe you will find some things that will help you and add them to my list.

* I am not a Doctor or Therapist by no means, but I do have experience in drinking and abusing alcohol with makes me a professional in that part !

Sobriety is a wonderful thing.  I just wished I would of surrendered years ago when my children were growing up, but as they say, "better later than never."

God Bless all those that are struggling with an addiction, and remember, you are not alone.  Never give up on yourself.  You can and will get clean and sober as I did.  The big thing is taking ACTION,  having the WILLPOWER, DETERMINATION and the DESIRE to get sober and stay sober, and it will happen.