Sunday, October 23, 2011

Living With A Positive Attitude

Thinking, acting and living with a positive attitude can change your life in so many ways.  Positivity in ones life is so important in order to live a quality and happy life. 

So many people nowadays are so negative in many ways, such as thinking they will never make it in today's world because of financial reasons, relationship reasons and just the stress of everyday life. This is not the way to think if you want to get anywhere in life or fulfill that long time dream you might have.

I'd like to share a small part of my life with you by telling you that I once was a bit of a negative person back in my drinking days.  Nothing ever seemed to go right for me no matter how I tried or what I did.  The reason was I didn't have that positive attitude in my mind.

You can't expect any good out of life when living with negativity.  Once I decided to quit drinking alcohol, everything seemed to start looking better in my life, meaning I had a whole new outlook on my life and life in general.

Having a positive attitude in life really means a world of difference, at least it does for me.  I can't imagine living in a negative world anymore because ever since I quit drinking alcohol and started to live life with a positive attitude everything has changed for the better.

I always wanted to live by the sea for the 30 years I have been married and it never came true for the simple reason I had something standing in my way of my dream and that was my addiction to alcohol.  It made me NOT think proper and I made hasty and bad decisions for many years financially which ruined my dream more than once.

I wanted the best, but was not willing to change my life in order to get the best all because I put alcohol in front of everything and sometimes even my own family.

So the point I am trying to make is that if you truly want something in your life and you are having a hard time achieving it, maybe a change of attitude may help, as it helped me.  I changed my life around and surrendered to my addiction and then began to think straight and positive.

My dream finally came true and I am living my dream sober and by the sea.  Sometimes it takes a long time to realize what you are doing is wrong, such as being addicted to alcohol for myself, but as I said, you have to help yourself in order to make things in life a reality.