Sunday, October 30, 2011

Quitting Drinking Alcohol Will Change Your Life

As we all know we all have only one life to live, so we had better make the best of our time here on earth.  Many of us are trying to cut our lives short by abusing alcohol or drugs.

I have to say, from my past experience that quitting drinking alcohol will change your life.  It certainly did for me.  I was a heavy drinker for many of years and finally I said that enough is enough and I have to change my life around so that I can live a longer and healthier life and to be able to watch my children grow to be old.  To be able to watch my grandchild become an adult and to walk my daughter down the isle when she gets married.  All these things could be diminished if I or you continue on that road to self destruction we call alcoholism.

If you are addicted to alcohol just sit back and think of all you may miss out on or better yet, think of the years being lost or cut short all because of an avoidable addiction. 

When I surrendered to my addiction to alcohol, I thought long and hard about what I was ready to do.  I was ready to say goodbye to my best friend forever.  i was so afraid of how I would feel and how my body would react without alcohol being part of my life, but that was not going to stop me from getting clean and sober.  I was determined to make this happen and nothing or no one was going to stop me.

If you want sobriety back into your life you too must think in this manner and continue to tell yourself that you can and will achieve long term sobriety and once sober you must continue to think this way forever,

Keep a positive attitude in your life and things that you thought would never happen will indeed happen, and I am proof of that.

So the bottom line here is that I quit drinking alcohol and my life and my families life have changed all for the better.  Try getting clean and sober and try out sobriety, you will never regret it.

Learn how to quit drinking without AA.