Saturday, October 29, 2011

Living Sober At The Jersey Shore

This has been a long time coming in my life and my wife's life as well.  I am now living sober at the Jersey Shore. 

Living a life of alcoholism for many years held me back on so many things I wanted to do in my life and the 30 years of my marriage suffered along with my actions and being addicted to alcohol.

Now, I have beat the addiction that has run and almost ruined my life for so many years using the pure determination and a positive attitude has helped me become clean and sober and has helped me stay clean and sober.

Sobriety has changed my life and believe me if you are thinking about changing your life as I did, you will never be sorry that you did.

It is so much thinking and planing, but I did it and so can you.  When I say thinking and planning I mean, you need to ask yourself if you truly want to be sober and live a life of sobriety because if you are not serious about getting clean and sober you are wasting your time.

I wasted time so many times when I was only fooling myself by saying I will only drink alcohol on weekends and special Holidays.  I have to tell you that it never worked.  For me, it was to surrender completely or continue on the path of self destruction.  I was one that could have one or two drinks and walk away, so I need to quit drinking alcohol all together.  That was the plan I needed to think about.  Did I really want to be sober?

My answer to myself was, " I want to be sober again."  I made up my mind and chose my start date to begin my road to recovery and stuck to it and here I am 2 years later, still sober, healthy and happier than I have ever been in my life.

My wife and I are now living our dream at the Jersey Shore and minutes from the Ocean and Bay.  This is what we have wanted our whole married life, but alcohol put a stop to all our dream and goals.

It goes to show you when there is a will there is a way.  I had the will to surrender to my addiction to alcohol and I then was able to make our dream a reality.  Sobriety is possible in any alcoholics life if and only if the alcoholic is willing to make that change in his/her life.  If you put your mind to it and start thinking and having a positive attitude you can and will beat your addiction, but the biggest and hardest thing is, you need to want sobriety and need to have the determination, strength and willpower to get and stay sober once and for all.