Monday, November 7, 2011

How To Overcome An Addiction To Alcohol

For so many people that have an addiction, it is hard to tell them how to overcome an addiction to alcohol.  Those that are fortunate enough to not have this problem don't understand just how hard it is to surrender to something that is a huge part of ones life, meaning the alcoholic has lived with their addiction for so many years it's like a part of them.  They need it everyday of their lives to make it through their day.

In order to surrender to their addiction to alcohol, they will have to be willing to give in to their demons and quit drinking alcohol once and for all.  This is a scary thought to the alcoholic because they are afraid of how they might feel with the absence of alcohol in their bodies.

I can testify to this statement, because when I surrendered to my addiction to alcohol I was scared to death of the way I might feel without alcohol in my body.  I knew I would have some reactions and would feel like crap without the alcohol in my body, but I made my mind up to quit drinking and there was nothing that was going to stop me from reaching sobriety and long term sobriety to boot.

To be able to overcome anything or any problem in life is certainly a challenge to say the least, but if you are willing to make that change in your life you will do anything to achieve what you have set out to do, and in my case, and every alcoholic's case, getting clean and sober is the our challenge in life and once we conquered that we will feel at peace that our demons have been overcome and all of us (the alcoholics) should be so very proud of what they have accomplished in achieving our sobriety.

I just want to try and tell those that are addicted to alcohol to never give up hope on yourself for sobriety is in your future, only if you want it bad enough, as I did.  Continue to keep a positive attitude and keep telling yourself that you can and will get clean and sober.

To overcome anything in life takes hard work, determination and the willingness to walk away from your demons and live life sober.


  • Get out of denial and admit you have an addiction to alcohol and need help.
  • Stop thinking negative and begin having a positive attitude.
  • Tell everyone you are going to stop drinking alcohol.
  • Be happy for yourself that you are about to change your life for the good.
  • Don't be embarrassed of your addiction to alcohol.
  • Believe in yourself and love yourself enough to get clean and sober.
  • Stay clear of your past drinking buddies.
  • Stay away from the bars and places you once drank alcohol at.
  • Plan your goals and prepare for your sobriety.
  • Keep yourself busy physically and mentally at all times.
These things helped me to get clean and sober, and I hope they help you in your journey into your new life of sobriety.  REMEMBER: Life is too short to ruin it with an avoidable addiction!