Sunday, December 4, 2011

Being Addicted To An Addiction

There are so many things people can be addicted to, but are you addicted to an addiction?  I know it may sound stupid worded this way, but when you think about the families and friends you have, they are suffering right along side of the alcoholic or drug addict.  The difference is, they are not putting harmful substances in their bodies.

These addictions seem to travel right through the families and friends that love and care about the real person that has the addiction.  In my mind, I think this is horrible, as you should too.  I can relate to the message I am giving here because I was one of those addicted people that passed my addiction right through my family and never even knew I was making them addicted to my addiction.

I think the big problem with someone that has an addiction is they live in such a world of denial they don't think or see how much they are hurting the people that care and love them so.

Open your eyes and look around and you may just notice a huge difference in the people that love and care about you.  They can only take so much until they break and give you an option, either quit drinking alcohol or I leave for good.  Does that sound familiar to anyone reading this? 

Is it enough to make you quit drinking alcohol?  I bet not, or if you do, it may only be for a short time, and then when things settle down on the home front you go right back to your old ways and start drinking again.

It's time for the addiction to halt and start living the life you and your families deserve.  No one just wakes up one morning and decides to start destroying their life with an addiction.  We all have tried our share of experiments with drugs or alcohol and many people hated it and no longer wanted it in their lives and then there are those that became to like and enjoy the feeling of being high or drunk and sooner or later the addiction that you started with as an experiment became a full blown out addiction.  You didn't plan your life to be this way or did you do it just to help cut your life span short.  You became addicted because the things that you tried and liked did exactly what they were suppose to do, and that is to get you addicted to whatever drug of choice you choose.


Sit back and think how your life was before you got addicted to drugs or alcohol.
Think of all the great times you had with your spouse and family before you got addicted.
Think of all the money you will save by not supporting your habit.
Think of how much happier you will be living a life of sobriety.
Think of healing yourself inside your body and detoxing yourself once and for all.
Think of how much healthier you will be.
Think of all the times you might have gotten behind the wheel drunk or high.  No need to worry about that anymore being clean and sober, (although you still have to look out for the other person that is still addicted and getting behind the wheel drunk or high.)
Think of all the mornings you woke up and felt like crap.  No longer will that happen!

**** So these are just a few things to think about when you are tilting that bottle, cracking that can of beer open or using or smoking drugs.

Think of how you are passing your addiction to others without even noticing it, and how you are hurting the ones you love.