Sunday, December 4, 2011

Fulfillment In A Sober Life

Fulfillment in a sober life is a story I can share with everyone that has or had an addiction to alcohol as I did over two years ago. 

From my own experiences being addicted to alcohol and now clean and sober.  From one alcoholic to another I want to say that there is always hope and to never give up on your dreams or give up to a sober life.  Sobriety is a wonderful thing and anyone that has a drinking problem should really consider changing their life and find sobriety once more.

As we know, the world we live in is full of ups and downs.  There are problems, wars, and so many things that would bring you down and get you depressed, but many of us turn to alcohol to ease the pain or try to make us forget our problems in our everyday lives.  Drinking and abusing alcohol is NOT the answer to any thing, believe me.  You are only masking the problems for a short time and when you sober up, guess what, those problems and pains are still and maybe worse.

If you truly want fulfillment in your life than take a good look at your addiction and figure out what you can do to surrender to it and start living a fulfilling, happy, healthy and rewarding life.

When someone is addicted to alcohol is their live really fulfilled or is there something missing?  The missing link is their happiness, their health and possibly a doomed marriage, but there is a answer to making all these things disappear and getting the life back you deserve and that is surrendering to you addiction to alcohol.

Life is all what you make it and if you choose to live it drinking alcohol everyday and abusing it, then you have a rude awakening coming.  Your life will only go downhill until the day you hit rock bottom, so why not try to fix whats broken and start living again.

Once you surrender to your addiction you will see how your life will start to change and start heading back up hill.  You will then be able to start to fulfill those dreams and goals you may of had before your addiction took over your life.