Sunday, December 11, 2011

Do You Drink Alcohol To Cope With Life

Can you handle what life throws at you, or do you drink alcohol to cope with life? 

Everyone has his or hers ups and downs in life, but you need to be a strong person to overcome these hurdles and problems that come to everyone sometime in their lives.  Many people think that drinking alcohol is the fix all problem solution and in fact drinking just makes things worse than they really are.

The problem that you may have will be lightened while drinking, but at the end of the day, and you sober up, that problem that was so minor while drinking has come back to haunt you and sometimes even worse than ever.

Drinking alcohol will never wipe away any problems in life, so why even try.  Everyone has to get out of the negativity they maybe living in and drinking alcohol thinking it might help.  We all need to start living with a positive attitude and cope with our lives being clean and sober and not masking our problems with alcohol.
I have seen so many people that never drank start to drink alcohol when something went wrong in their lives and by doing so, these people that never drank alcohol now have acquired a love for the booze and before they knew it they were hooked and addicted. 

You can't live life hiding your problems by drinking alcohol and furthermore booze fixes nothing at all.  We all have problems in our lives and we need to cope with it and figure ways to solve our problems and make everyday count in our life.

Think before you drink, and if you think things are better being drunk then you are totally mistaken.  Stand your grounds and never give in to the bottle to make your life better.  As I said, it won't work, it just makes things worse all the way round.