Tuesday, December 6, 2011

How One DUI Can Change Your Life

Everyone knows that drinking and driving changes lives in more ways than one.  How many times have you been at a party or a bar and got into your vehicle and driven home? 

These people have no respect for the human life and for their lives as well.  The alcohol they have consumed over the evening makes them think that they are indestructible and they think they can make it home safe and sound.  It's not them thinking, it is the alcohol thinking for them.  The demons have now taken over your body and mind.  They are the one that will change and ruin your life in a heart beat.

You better watch out for the men and ladies in blue.  Have you even gave it a thought what the consequences would be if caught drinking and driving?  Of course not.  When drinking alcohol and getting to the point of being drunk, you really don't care about anything or anyone, including yourself.

I can give you a few things to think about and how one DUI can change your life.  You may be just to proud to ask someone to pick you up or call for a ride to get home safe by a sober driver right?

That one mistake could change your live forever.  A few hours of drinking and having fun could, and will, if caught ruin many things in your life, like losing your driving privileges, possible car crash, hurting or killing someone or yourself.

Lets just say you were out drinking all night and got into your car and started to head home.  You are beating the odds so far driving and haven't been seen by any law enforcement and all of a sudden, you look in the rear view mirror and see those nice flashing light from your new found friend, our Police Officers.

You thought you were driving just fine, so you thought.  Not knowing you were swerving back and forth pass the lines in the road.  Your demons said you were driving great, but the Officers saw different.

Everyone thinks we can out smart the law, but with a few different sobriety test conducted on the street and that nice little machine we call today "the breathalyzer" can find more than you think right?

So you fail all test and get placed in the Police car and taken downtown, as they call it.  You are booked and guess what, now you have a nice little record to your name.  You are a drunken driver now and many will find out, including your boss in which some may lose their jobs over.  Many need their drivers licence in order to perform their jobs.  That's number one and secondly, your family will sooner or later find out and then the embarrassment will start to set in.

Lets suppose you didn't get caught by the law, but you lost control of your vehicle because of speeding and crashed.  Suppose that crash involved an innocent person or person and caused them to be hospitalized or possibly killed.  You know what happens if you kill someone from drinking and driving right? 

You will be looking through those nice black bars in your own personal jail cell.  What a way to spend many years of your life looking out through those bars and wondering, "Why did I drink and drive?"

So you were lucky this time getting home without getting caught, but watch out because everyone sooner or later, will lose and their luck will run out and you are finished or dead.  It's that simple.

Click the link above DUI and read and take a good look at the vehicles involved in a DUI crash.  Don't be them.  Be smart and think before you drink!