Thursday, December 8, 2011

Alcoholism In A Family

It is a wonderful thing to have a great family life with each person loving and caring for each other, but when you have alcoholism in a family it can be a horrible life for all involved.   No one wants to live where there is constant pressure and worry of what the alcoholic may do next.

Is the alcoholic a Doctor Jekyll and Mr. Hyde in your family?  Do you still love them the same when drunk verses sober?  Can the alcoholic in your family see that they are causing harm not only to them self, but the entire family that loves and cares for he/she?

When you have an alcoholic in a family many people tend to walk on egg shells while being around the person that is addicted to alcohol. Some people are scared to death that they might say something wrong when around the alcoholic.  We have to watch every word said for the fear of upsetting the alcoholic and he/she may just may go from sociable to unbearable within minutes, just by saying one thing wrong or saying something that the alcoholic doesn't want to hear.


What do you think our children are thinking when seeing their parent or parents drinking alcohol each and everyday?  What kind of role model are we to these innocent children?  Why do the alcoholics only seem to think of them self and not what the are showing and teaching these children?

By are children seeing the alcoholic drinking alcohol each day, they will in their later years think drinking alcohol is okay to do because after all, my parents did it everyday when I was young and still do to this day.  I have heard those words so many times in my life, and to think I was one of those alcoholics that did drink everyday in front of my own innocent children.

Thinking back over two years ago when I finally stopped drinking alcohol and got out of the denial in lived in for so long, I feel a shamed and embarrassed of the addiction I had all through the young years of my children growing up and watching daddy drink alcohol each and everyday.

I always wondered, and still do to this day what was going through their minds as young children.  Did they think it was okay to drink, just because they did look up to me and I was their father?  I guess being they didn't know any better they just went along and excepted the way I was being an alcoholic in their family.

Man, I wish so bad I could turn back the hands of time and live those young years of my children clean and sober.  Every alcoholic probably thinks the same way, but the addiction had got us and we were helpless to our demons.  The demons ran our lives the way they wanted us to live being addicted to their fuel, which is the alcohol.

I write these articles as many other people that were addicted to alcohol have in hopes to help those now addicted and need and want to get clean and sober.  Many ex-drinkers have websites or blogs to help those in need of help to surrender to their addiction to alcohol.

When someone wants help to get sober and doesn't know where to turn they head to the computer and Google, alcohol addiction, sobriety, alcohol, quit drinking alcohol and so many other keywords in hopes that one website will help them get sober once and for all. 

As for myself, I did the exact thing when I wanted to get clean and sober and find my sobriety, so I search the web and found my savior and the big reason I am sober today.  The website was called Spiritual River and I have to tell you between what I had learned by the articles in that site and my pure determination and my positive attitude I was able to get sober and remain sober and I have to say, staying sober is the biggest challenge of all, but I you have in you and the willingness and desire to stay sober then you will stay sober no matter what life throws at you each day.

So the big thing here is, if you are a person that has alcoholism in your family then be supportive to the alcoholic and offer the help they need, but never enable them, only assist them in their quest to hopefully get clean and sober.