Monday, January 28, 2013

Do You Have Depression Knowing That You Are An Alcoholic

Many people that drink too much alcohol, or even abuse alcohol often have depression as I did when I drank too much alcohol.

The question is to all those folks is, "do you have depression knowing that you are an alcoholic?"

In my personal experience with drinking alcohol, and abusing it every single day was that I really thought by drinking alcohol I would be happier and all my problems would disappear by drinking those problems away. In fact, by drinking too much alcohol those once small problems began to seem larger and the more I drank the more depressed I would get. Does this sound familiar to you?  I bet for some it really does.

The photo above shows me just how life can be living it sober, meaning, we all live in a world that has beauty all around us and many of us that are alcoholics never even realize just how beautiful the world is looking at it through addicted eyes. Just looking at that photo, how could you and I be so depressed when we have beauty right in front of our eyes if we live that life clean and sober.  The alcohol that we drink thinking life will be so much better blinds us in seeing and feeling the beauty of life.

Depression is a horrible thing when you think your world is falling apart around you.  Drinking and abusing alcohol does not help the matter whatsoever.  I believe it just makes you more depressed knowing that you are an alcoholic and you don't know what to do to get out of the rut you are in, and start living a healthy and happy life.  You may want help to stop drinking alcohol, but may be ashamed or embarrassed to ask for the help you need.

So, what is your next step in finding your sobriety, that is if you are serious about getting and staying sober, and you want to get out of the depression you have and start living a happy life once again.

If you know you are an alcoholic, and you want to have sobriety back into your life you need to sit down with yourself (being sober) and ask yourself how bad do you want to get and stay sober.

Are you willing enough to say goodbye to alcohol and be able to promise yourself you will never pick up an alcoholic drink ever again?  If you can't make that promise to yourself then I think you are not ready to stop drinking alcohol just yet, but if you can say yes, I am ready to surrender once and for all (like I did over three years ago) then you are on the right track and have taken that very important first step to finally having peace in your life and will no longer feel depressed that you are an alcoholic.

I guess you can say you and I will always be an alcoholic, but we are both in recovery and leading a healthy and happy life.  Just remember the demons are just waiting for us to cheat, give in, or relapse so they (the alcohol demons) can take control over our bodies and minds once again.

Don't be weak and give in to them.  They are powerless without the feed of alcohol, so just don't give them what they are starving for.

  • We need to have a positive attitude at ALL TIMES.
  • We need to believe in ourselves.
  • We need to love ourselves enough to not go back on our promise to never drink again.
  • We need a strong desire, determination and the willingness to get and stay sober.
  • We need to ask for the help we need to help us get and stay sober.
  • We need not to be embarrassed of our addiction to alcohol.