Saturday, January 19, 2013

What Steps Are You Taking To Get Clean And Sober

So many people in the world have an addiction to alcohol, but they are too afraid to stop for many different reasons.  I know because I made every excuse in the world of why I didn't want to stop drinking alcohol, and told myself and others that I had No problem at all with my drinking of alcohol.

Who are we really fooling?  We are fooling no one but ourselves as we live in a world of denial day after day, month and year after year.  We are killing ourselves slow but sure.

If you have an addiction to alcohol what steps are you taking to get clean and sober?

First and foremost you must want to change your life and live it clean and sober before you can even think about long term sobriety.  If you don't have sobriety in your heart then you are fighting a losing battle.  If you are not willing to change, not only for yourself, but all those that love and care for you such as your spouse, family and friends you are going nowhere as far as getting and staying sober.

I can not stress enough in all of my writing how different my live has been since I surrendered to the demons that ran and almost ruined my life.  I had to stay up to the demons that had full control of my life and ruining my family's lives along the way.  The demons of alcohol don't care who the will destroy as they lurk in your body just waiting for the next drink of alcohol to be drank and when that drink doesn't come they make you the most miserable person to even deal with.  You know what I am talking about if you are a person that is addicted to alcohol.


  • First I had to get out of the denial I lived in and admit that I was an alcoholic and needed to get help to stop drinking whether it be Professional help or doing it own my own.
  • I had to get out of the poor me (negative attitude) I was in and change that attitude to a positive attitude, and keep it positive no matter what happened in my life from then on.
  • I needed to put my plan into action and not delay sobriety for one more day.
  • I made up my mind and picked my sober date which was (October 27, 2009).
  • I told my family and friends that was going to stop drinking alcohol and said it with pride and happiest.
  • I was proud of my decision to get clean and sober, and now it was the test of whether I could stay true to the promise to myself that I would never touch another drop of alcohol the rest of my life.
Sure many things happen in our lives that want to make you start drinking again (to so called ease the pain and fix the problems at hand), but believe me, alcohol fixes NOTHING!

I stuck to my promise that the demons of alcohol would be out of my life forever, and I am the type of person that never lies and especially never lie to myself.

The steps you should take are outlined above, but remember this is what I did to prepare for my sobriety.  You may have different ideas about how you should go about getting and staying sober,

Never the less, I wish you all the best of luck in finding your own peace in life and live that life of sobriety as I am right now.  Believe me, you will be so proud of yourself that you could beat the addiction to alcohol as I did.

Stay focused, Keep a Positive Attitude and Believe in yourself. If you think you need Professional Help to get sober, then please ask for the help you need to get sober in a safe and healthy way.  I was fortunate enough to be able to go cold turkey, but I was very afraid and I took a big chance of having a poor outcome or getting sick or possible close to death experience, so do it the right and safe way.

If you think you can go cold turkey, my prayers are with you, but if you doubt you can, PLEASE get the Professional Help so that you can get sober in a safe way.  Don't do as I did and take that huge chance of something horrible happening.